Sack Hat

Written by Pamela on May 28, 2008 – 10:13 pm -

My RSI has calmed down a little bit, although my shoulder is still frozen solid, so I thought I could do a little bit of knitting. Boy oh boy have I missed knitting this last couple of months.  Anyway, I had a Debby Ware kit in my stash – the Sack Hat.  It’s knitted in the round on a circular needle, so is a really easy knit.  Although it’s a small project and was quick to finish, there’s no denying that it gave my RSI a tweak.  Evidently, I still have an issue there, so it’s back to sewing or crochet for a while longer.

Sack Hat

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All the fun of the (craft) fair

Written by Claire on May 26, 2008 – 12:04 pm -

Thought that I would post on this blog as I haven’t done it in soooo long. Mainly as I have been beavering awaytrying to get things done for the craft fair that was last weekend (it feels like ages ago already!).

Some of the other stall holders were moaning that there wasn’t much trade, and that the Beeston fair the week before was much better. All I can say is, it’s made a nice dent in the honeymoon fund, so I am happy enough really. I did, however realise that it really takes it’s toll on you being really nice to people who are picking your stuff over (some with an expression as if to say “you should be paying me to take your stuff”…) all day long. On the flip side, I met some really lovely people (mainly the other stall holders) and chewed the fat with them. I met a lovely old dear, who must have been almost 80 telling me how she used Camay soap as she’d seen an advert when she was younger with Katie Boyle (if you don’t know who she is – Google it!) and she’s used the soap ever since after she saw my make up bags with vintage adverts on them. The next fair I am at I will be theming it a bit – “Domestic goddess” – aprons and stuff for the woman in the home (tongue in cheek of course!) and the rest of the stuff I am going to stick on Etsy at some point. When I get round to it! Anyway, here’s a couple of pics for you – definately looked better the second day!



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Ripple Clutch

Written by Vicky on May 6, 2008 – 5:00 pm -

Ever since I learned the ripple stitch I’ve done it to death. Somehow I never get bored of it. I think it’s because of the great effect it makes when you put two colours next to each other.

However much I love the ripple stitch it’s time to put it to bed for a while and do something new. This clutch bag is the last thing I made and just finished this weekend…

Ripple stitch clutch bag

Ripple stitch clutch bag lining

Sequins 2 - Roisin Murphy by Simon HenwoodI got the idea for the colours from the series of Simon Henwood paintings of Roisin Murphy called ‘Sequins

The small pics don’t really show the colours properly but they are turquoise, orange, green and gold (the gold is metallic) yarns.

There’s a zip with a lining and as usual the zip was evil to put in but at least I got a chance to use my zipper foot for the first time. I have so much to learn.

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Lace, lace beautiful lace.

Written by Sue on May 3, 2008 – 10:40 pm -

lace001.jpgbobbin laceBobbin lacebobbin-lace-007.jpg

I started to learn how to make lace in the early nineties and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, however my lace making adventure came to abrupt end as a result of a motorcycle accident. By the time I was able to consider doing this again, my interest had moved towards embroidery and I started to study for my City and Guilds qualifications instead. However I have recently dusted off the pillow and started to try and remember what to do and will soon be bringing in a spare pillow for people to try their hand at making lace.


As for the bikes, I continue to ride pillion around the Uk and Europe and hope to do so for a good few years yet.

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