Lace, lace beautiful lace.

Written by Sue on May 3, 2008 – 10:40 pm -

lace001.jpgbobbin laceBobbin lacebobbin-lace-007.jpg

I started to learn how to make lace in the early nineties and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, however my lace making adventure came to abrupt end as a result of a motorcycle accident. By the time I was able to consider doing this again, my interest had moved towards embroidery and I started to study for my City and Guilds qualifications instead. However I have recently dusted off the pillow and started to try and remember what to do and will soon be bringing in a spare pillow for people to try their hand at making lace.


As for the bikes, I continue to ride pillion around the Uk and Europe and hope to do so for a good few years yet.

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Amsterdam, beautiful city of arts and crafts

Written by Vicky on April 29, 2008 – 5:13 pm -

I’m biased, I love Amsterdam anyway but visiting again recently for our honeymoon and getting a chance to look around the shops made me realise what a crafty city it is.

Scenes from Amsterdam

Of course, there are art galleries everywhere, large and small, which could provide me with years of endless entertainment but there are also crafts, antiques and vintage shops.

Just on the street of our hotel there was a lovely little shop which sold kitsch fabrics that you wouldn’t see in shops here, then there was the patchwork shop and bead shop and on it goes.

If you love to rummage through antiques there are no end of little boutiques with lovely window displays just calling you to go in. Here’s an example of one we found on the last day…

Antique shop in Amsterdam

Chocolatier in BrusselsWe also stayed in Brussels and in my ignorance I hadn’t realised that it was known for lace making, like Nottingham. In fact Belgium used to export lace to England.

What I did know is that Belgium makes fine chocolate and beer and now having tried it I can say its definitely true. I know its not strictly craft related but here is a photo of one of the really pretty chocolatier shops in the city. Yum!

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