The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Written by Vicky on July 12, 2009 – 7:09 pm -

Last month I received some very happy news from one of my girlfriends. Her first baby, Milo, was born and this week I’m going to see him. Yay!

So, following tradition (well if you can call one other baby blanket making event tradition) I’ve made Milo a blanket. This time its a cotton quilt of the Very Hungry Caterpillar with appliqued gingham flowers, apples and pears.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

It turned out a square shape (because of the print) so it might make a better play or changing mat than a blanket but I don’t mind what his mum uses it for as long as she likes it.

The blanket is bright and colourful like this funky little chap I found on the garden today. I wonder if he’s very hungry too…

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Eco Christmas Stockings

Written by Vicky on December 29, 2008 – 3:05 pm -

Christmas is almost a distant memory for another year but before we pack away our tinsel and baubles can I share a little Christmas project with you?

I couldn’t show these before because they were part of my nieces’ and nephew’s prezzies. I was giving them money this year but still wanted to personalise something for them. Can you guess who is the Mighty Boosh follower, the giraffe lover, the zombie fan and the girlie girl who loves pink and glitter?

Christmas stocking Boosh style

Giraffe Christmas stocking

“I can smell your brains” zombie Christmas stocking

Pink and stars Christmas stocking

I haven’t worked with felt very much at all before but when I do I find it lovely to use, its so forgiving. This particular felt is also kind to the environment because its made from recycled plastic bottles. I’m reluctant to buy wool felt without knowing the history to it (specifically the treatment of the sheep) but with this ‘Ecospun’ felt there are no animal by-products and no new use of oil (plastic) in the fibres.

I found out about Ecospun from the fantastic ‘Crafting a Green World’ blog and bought mine from Craft Felt UK. I don’t think their prices are much higher than other felt I’ve seen in the shops or on craft market stalls and their delivery was super speedy!

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